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Build a Stronger, More Successful Organization that Stands the Test of Time

With even award-winning organizations coming up short in terms of employee happiness, is it possible that everything we think we know about leadership is way off base?

What makes the difference between a good working environment and a GREAT one? What can leaders do to create a better atmosphere, and how can employees play a role in effecting positive changes? 

In this episode, CEO of Veritas Leadership Research & Consulting, Dr Steve Merrill shares the 4 pillars that need to be implemented in ANY business to ensure maximum results. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to lead effectively without getting mad at everything: It can get frustrating when our teams make a mistake, but getting angry isn’t likely to solve anything. What should we be doing instead and what’s likely to happen when we make that shift?
  • The TRUE meaning of compassion in a business sense: Does compassion mean avoiding hurting people’s feelings at all cost, or could giving our teams a reality check be the kindest action?
  • How to stop letting our egos run our organizations: As leaders, we tend to think we need to have all the answers, but could that be doing more harm than good?

Craig Picken is the Managing Partner for Northstar Group. A leading Executive Search firm focused on Aviation and Aerospace