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Beyond the Short Term Crisis

As air travel starts to reopen across the world, the airlines are trying to bounce back. But there is more short term pain.   To move forward from this crisis, let’s focus on the fact that there’s opportunity for long-term gain.

Who do the airlines turn to for survival? Governments? Capital Markets?   
Industry expert, Senior ISTAT Aircraft Appraiser and successful investment professional, David Yu, shares his thoughts.        

3 Things We Learned from David  

How investors should respond to the ongoing crisis In light of the continuing challenges faced by the industry, lessors and benefactors may need to consider a second wave of rent deferrals. Debt repayments need to be restructured realistically.   

Why we need to avoid liquidation during this period We’re essentially a frozen market, so now is not the time to liquidate or sell.  

Why we need to stop tending the wound  It makes sense to reduce risk in a crisis market but there must be a shift to growth. If we keep holding back, we’ll never reach the next stage of development.