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Better Culture, Better Results! The Key to Creating A Kinder Workplace (WITHOUT Sacrificing Results!) w/Dr Phillip Meade

Without a strong organizational culture, our companies will never perform at their highest level. That being said, zoning in on culture isn’t always as straightforward as we may think.

What are the intricacies of culture that we need to know before diving in, head first? Is the onus of creating culture on the leaders of organizations, or the individual employees working within it?

In this episode, author of The Missing Links and the man responsible for shifting NASAs company culture after the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, Dr Phillip Meade shares how to do an overhaul on culture in any organization. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to balance a high-performance workplace with psychological safety: The mantra ‘failure is not an option’ can be a great motivator, but how can we ensure our teams also feel safe enough to speak up when they do foresee a problem?
  • The 4 elements that make a company’s culture GREAT: What needs to happen in order for our organizational culture to be considered outstanding
  • How to change our company culture for the better: What can leaders do today to bring about a positive shift in their organization’s culture?