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AWOL in the Corporate Sector

Transitioning from the military to the corporate world comes with its fair share of difficulties, and it’s something veterans need to be prepared for. The question is, where do we start? 

What are the unique challenges faced by former military personnel, and what can be done to overcome them? Is there anything civilians can learn from the transition path veterans need to take? 

In this episode, Founder and President of PreVeteran, Jason Anderson shares how to make a smoother transition from the military to the corporate sector. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The problem with government-funded transition programs: How can we expect government officials to train veterans for civilian employment when they have no experience in that area themselves? 
  • What makes veterans so problematic in the eyes of recruiters: Why are veterans more likely to struggle to adapt than non-veteran recruits, and how can we get to the source of the issue fast? 
  • The key thing to remember as a veteran transitioning into corporate America: Our prior leadership roles may look great on paper, but they aren’t necessarily going to make business leaders sit up and take note. What should vets be talking about in interviews, instead?