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Appreciate Yourself

Seven or eight years ago Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, despite being a superstar, lost his position as Texas Tech’s starting QB.

He felt head coach, Kliff Kingsbury screwed him over and he continues to hold a grudge.

The guy who replaced him as starting QB?

Patrick Mahomes.


Mayfield transferred to Oklahoma, played on a better team, won a Heismann trophy and is now an NFL Superstar.

But he still holds a grudge.

I don’t know why, Kingsbury did him a favor.

In the grand scheme of things, as personal as it seems, it really IS all about the Benjamins.

Kingsbury had a job to do and was being held accountable for the results.

He picked his team.

It’s the same for your bosses.

They’re held to the same standard.

You may be talented. You may have a lot of ability to drive results. You may be a lot of great things.

But if there isn’t room at the inn, then it’s all for naught – you won’t thrive.

To you, understandably, it’s personal. To the other guy, it’s business. Move on!

Starting fresh is scary.

But it’s better than being forever stuck in a corner.

Stuck? Underappreciated? Bored?

Don’t get mad… Get started.

Have some conversations.

If your boss loses a great teammate, tell him not to fret. It’s just business!