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Anyone Can Have a Million Dollar Career


Everyone has the potential to have a million dollar career. The recipe is simple… 

Think about the NFL. There are thousands of college football players but each year only 250 get drafted into the big leagues. What are the traits that extend to the cream of the crop? How many of those traits extend into the typical career? 

Yes, there will always be barriers to excellence and most of them are internal. How do we identify and eliminate the things that stand between us and the careers we want? What recipe do people with million-dollar careers follow? 

In this episode, I’m joined by executive recruiter and president of MR Fairfax, Robert Houghton. We discuss the ingredients of a high-level, high-earning career, and why it’s easier to accomplish than you think!

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to “elevate your neighborhood”: Successful people hang out with successful people. Who is influencing you?
  • The power that fuels your success: Every successful person has an inner drive that won’t allow them to quit. What is driving you? 
  • Why success starts within: What strategies can we use to reorganize our mindset so we can create the careers we want?

Craig Picken is the Managing Partner for Northstar Group. A leading Executive Search firm focused on Aviation and Aerospace