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AI: Sci-Fi Threat or a Vital Tool for the Future?

In the mid-1990’s nobody could have predicted how far and how fast the internet would develop and the past 30 years have been revolutionary.

Once limited to science fiction, Artificial Intelligence is becoming our reality. That being said, the AI we’ve seen in movies isn’t quite the same as what we’re seeing in real life today. 

When we think of AI, we tend to think of robots with human qualities and potentially dangerous outcomes, but how much of that is true? Is AI as risky as science fiction may lead us to believe?

In this episode, CEO of TheIntelligenceCommunity.com, Graham Plaster returns to the Aerospace Executive Podcast to explain how AI is really being used today, and how it might be used in the future.

3 Things We Learned from Graham

  • The difference between General and Narrow Artificial Intelligence: Most of us associate AI with robots that can provide a human experience (like Siri), but that’s only an illusion of interaction and doesn’t offer much of a threat. On the other hand, Narrow AI goes deep on singular tasks like facial recognition, and that can be open to abuse. 
  • What makes Narrow AI risky: Narrow AI technologies like facial recognition have the benefit of identifying people all over the world more quickly and easily. However, if not developed with ethics in mind, facial recognition could pave the way for racial profiling and invasive surveillance. 
  • How AI will impact warfare in the future: As governments gain access to tools like drones and facial recognition, they’ll have the ability to outsource special warfare to machines. This will have a major effect on how wars are fought, so we have to start thinking about the moral implications of using AI.