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A New Era In Space

Space-based intelligence is the new frontier of effective and scalable energy infrastructure monitoring. The world’s oil and gas pipelines need persistent monitoring, and technology can be leveraged to avoid catastrophe. 

This problem is tailor-made for the space sector. The industry can deal with large-scale environmental concerns and make our world a safer place. Orbital Sidekick is a startup unlocking the power of Hyperspectral Intelligence™ to deliver value to the end-user.  

How did this startup emerge out of new developments in space-based technology? What are some of the biggest real-world problems that can be solved by satellites?

In this episode, I’m joined by co-founder and CEO of Orbital Sidekick, Dan Katz. He shares why energy infrastructure monitoring is so important, how his company is providing this service, and what the future holds in this exciting sector. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How current energy monitoring methods increase the risk of disaster: Oil and gas pipelines are everywhere, and they are old and prone to leaks. The current models of monitoring them are not thorough, effective, or scalable enough, which increases the risk of disaster. Pipelines need persistent monitoring with the ability to see below the surface and detect changes before it’s too late to fix them. 
  • The true potential of space-based environmental monitoring: For space-based solutions to sustain demand, they need to have a use case in solving bigger environmental problems. From detecting wildfires to discovering new energy sources and monitoring pipelines, providing solutions to real-world problems outside of the space sector is vital to growth. 
  • The biggest concerns around Hyperspectral Intelligence™: Hyperspectral Intelligence™ has the potential to unlock new trillion-dollar energy economies. The same technology that is changing the world of oil and gas pipeline monitoring can be applied to new energy exploration and discovery. With all this innovation and growth, however, there’s a huge concern around increased space junk and debris.

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