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A New Age in Urban Mobility – with Peter Schmidt and Mark Ozenick

Urban Air Mobility is the hot topic in aviation. But what will it entail? 

On this episode, Peter Schmidt, Co-Founder of Transcend Air Corporation, and Mark Ozenick, CEO of Rotorcraft Newco, discuss what will define Urban Mobility, the technologies required and how Transcend’s Vy400 aircraft design will change market dynamics.

Takeaways + Tactics 

The conventional mode of air travel conflicts with what future markets will need. Peter Schmidt and Mark Ozenick share what the next evolution of air travel is and how it meets this demand. 

Listen to the full episode to learn about:

  • The technology and performance features that have set the Vy400 up for success
  • Why urban air mobility works well for travelers and operators alike 
  • How the waves of economic innovation have developed in urban mobility