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5 Predictions for 2021 w/ Brian Foley

Highly acclaimed industry analyst and Forbes contributor, Brian Foley, shares his thoughts for 2021.

With the New Year comes a ton of excitement. While many of us are still feeling cautious, many are also curious as to what the future holds.

How big a dent did 2020 leave in our industry, and what can we do to rebuild and move forward? Did anyone benefit in spite of the difficulties?  

3 Things We Learned from Brian

The great news for business travel: While business travel took a backseat last year, business aviation utilization only went down by 15%. By the time business travel returns completely, we’re likely to overflow!

  • Where the opportunities lie for business aviation: As smaller cities deal with cut back schedules and higher prices, business aviation will have a competitive advantage which makes now a good time to invest. 
  • Why we shouldn’t get too excited for eVTOL just yet: Silicon Valley investors may be throwing capital into urban mobility, but it’s important to put the numbers into perspective. What may seem massive in aviation is pocket change in tech, and it’s not guaranteed that eVTOL will take off in reality anytime soon.

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