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10 Things Greta Will Do to Business Aviation

  1. Muddy the waters
  2. Stir an unfavorable attitude towards business aircraft
  3. Muddy the waters some more
  4. Stir more unfavorable attitudes which politicians feel they must react to
  5. Create a LOT of Opportunities to PROMOTE the benefits of business aviation
  6. Create a LOT of opportunities to DEVELOP new technologies that are more environmentally friendly
  7. Create more Opportunities to DEVELOP improved, economically viable sustainable fuels
  8. Create a LOT of Opportunities to DEVELOP distribution for economically viable, sustainable fuels.  
  9. Create a NEW family of jets that use economically viable, sustainable fuels that are profitably sold and distributed at airports around the world
  10. Create still MORE opportunities to PROMOTE the benefits of business aviation

Yes!  Greta, and those exploiting her, annoys the hell out of me, too! 

But the reality is that within the noise is PLENTY of opportunity for companies to make money, create new jobs and help the environment. 

As is often said, “one man’s crisis is another man’s opportunity.”  Perhaps she’s the perfect, albeit annoying, crisis that we need to capitalize upon the opportunity before us.