How We Work

Our Process

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"We help client companies find impact players to help their business in the same way that they conduct business..."

Our philosophy is really quite simple: Help client companies find impact players to help their business in the same way that they conduct business... With a detailed, disciplined approach and lots of client oriented service.

The search process is as follows:

1. It has already started. Every day we are proactively reaching out to employed executives who are making a positive impact in their businesses and building relationships with them. During our conversations we ask them “If during our daily operations we see a position that you’d like to hear about, what would that position look like?” We will only work with executives with outstanding industry reputations, who are currently employed and driving their business, or those who have been referred to us by their peers.

2. FULL Understanding of the Role. We want a complete understanding of the position for which we will be working on and will work extensively with you to gain that complete understanding of it.

3. Definition of Ideal Candidate. We will work with you to define the ideal candidates to include identification of competing / similar companies from which he/she is currently employed, ideal skill sets they will possess, tenure / experience, and overall search strategy. During this stage we will also work with you to create a complete position description for the role that will help attract the highest caliber executives for it.

4. Execute to Agreed Timeline. Every search is different in timeline, but from our experience there are metrics which can be met. To ensure a smooth and expeditious hiring process which is both candidate and client friendly, we will establish and mutually agreed upon search timeline, with matching metrics, and firmly hold to it.